For this Selfcare Sunday, I decided to try out the Glow Dust Face Mask from Yellow Beauty. I've been excited about this Toronto-based skincare brand for its approach to turmeric powered skincare and for donating some of the proceeds to Plan Internation Canada.

This classic mud mask is developed with turmeric and kaolin clay to clear out pores and promote naturally radiant skin. I tend to struggle with hyperpigmentation and am preparing to deal with some hormonal breakouts, so this is just what I need right now.

The mask is very eco-friendly, as it comes as a powder you mix with water. So if you feel a sheet mask is wasteful, this is the way to go. You also get multiple uses out of one package, and it has a long shelf life since you add moisture to it yourself when you're ready to mask up.

Check out the video to see the mask in action!

Happy masking!

XO Bouncy

Margaret Needham